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Accidentally dropped this out so here it is back agaain....
Need to look at putting together my next Journal entry though.
Probably once Spring has kicked in....

*end EDIT*

...God I feel old!


Another Birthday rolls around and here we all are again...

I've been meaning to do this journal for a couple of months now but as time went by I decided it would be too close to my Birthday journal so ended up waiting... and waiting....

Firstly: Found it kind of ironic that everyone was going 'end of the world' over the 21st Dec and almost missed 2012 DA14 when it very nearly clipped us a couple of months later (Not that the Russians didn't get a good light show...)! Lol!  Of course it probably didn't count since it didn't come close enough to destroy civilization so no predictions could have been made about the destruction of civilization since it didn't/wouldn't happen.... Never stopped anyone before and, unlike Nibiru, at least it made an appearance!

52 years old! Feeling less old than I did this time last year.
That's probably a bad sign! Sigh

The year, for me at least, started off reasonably quiet.
Work, family celebrations (Christmas, New Years, Birthdays), some bad weather, etc. conspired to keep me too occupied to get too many shoots in.  (A couple in December, One in January....)  So I decided to take most of February off to compensate and get as many shoots (3 or 4) in as possible in, what is for New Zealand, the best summer weather we could expect.  Then, of course, Murphy put his oar in and the first shoot that came to fruition was the day after my first set of nightshifts (in March).... *sigh*
Still: With the weather deteriorating more slowly than expected (we actually had our worst drought in a decade). I managed to make up for that with 6 shoots in March and 5 in April.  May is turning out slower than the previous months.  I've had to cancel 2 shoots already (drought's over!)  But I have a Hotel shoot set up for next weekend: 3 shoots with 5-6 models.  So that should prove interesting if it goes ahead!

Since my last update we've caught up with my latest shoots with Sade' and Sara.  Sade' has gone quiet again (one of the hazards in living in separate cities!). Sara has moved to Welly Town although we are talking about another shoot as soon as we can sort the logistics out.  And you've met Hannah: One of the most amazing ladies I've met in a long time, She wasn't, at first, interested in modelling. But after our first shoot she's found she can't get enough.  Which works for me since neither can I! Lol!


December –
My fourth shoot with Rhiannon and my second with Nikhita.
Nikhita was in a local competition and needed some more shots.  Rhiannon came along for support and a to guest star in some of the shots.

Auckland Winter Gardens

161212 Nikhita and Rhiannon preview by marshrr

My second shoot with the seriously stunning Susie K.
On a brilliant day at Castor Bay.
Its not my fault it rhymes!


191212 Susie K preview by marshrr

January –

My third shoot with the delightful Jenna B.
At Huia


March –

My fourth shoot with the delightful Jenna B.
At Long Bay
(I told you she got into modeling in a big way!)

010313 Jenna B preview by marshrr

After (good god!) 6 years, a great reunion with Tessa.
Amazing to see this lady again after all this time.  She was my first model when I originally got seriously into photography.
Lots of randomly cool stuff over two nights....

13-150313 Tessa - Reunion preview by marshrr

The seriously stunning Eva. A new art-nude model I've discovered.  She's helping me develop my discipline in this genre: Specifically because she wishes to remain anonymous.  
On the whole I consider a model's face to be her most erotic feature.  So not being able to use it in these images has proven to be quite a challenge.  Still....
...I'm not complaining!


A very brief feature from the final day of the competition Nikhita was in.  She came fifth.  But said the catwalk was the highlight of the whole experience.  She absolutely loved it!  And was very happy to see me when she got to the end of the runway!

230313 Catwalk on the Street 2013 preview by marshrr

An amazing young lady from L.A. (transplanted to NZ).
Mayson just blew my socks off!
We came up with a plan of attack for the shoot: Some street fashion up at the Quadrant (the fashion heart of the CBD), A quick trip to Parnell Rose Gardens for some casual fashion and a visit to, nearby, Judges Bay for some swimwear.
As we walked up Queen Street to our first setup she spots a Gucci store!  Funniest (and funnest) thing I've ever seen!  Great shots too.  Took us a good forty minutes to get to our 'first' location.
And no, I'm not complaining in the slightest!
One of the most vivacious and beautiful models I've ever worked with!

290313 Mayson preview by marshrr

April –

And because we ran out of time on the first shoot (I wonder why!) We got to do it all again the next week!
....Still not complaining!

010413 Mayson preview by marshrr

The seriously cool Amber!  
And what do you do when the make-up girl is as hot as the model you're set to work with? (especially when they're also best friends...)
Yes.  You put her in the shots too!
A seriously fun day was had by all!

180413 Amber and Jordana preview by marshrr

.... My fifth shoot with the stunning Jenna B.
I love this lady!
She's genuine, funny and an absolute delight to work with!


And, finally, my third (and first solo) shoot with Nikhita.
One of the things we learned from her catwalk the previous month was that red lipstick works really well for her!

280413 Nikhita preview by marshrr

And, finally, my first featured :+fav:'s for the year.

:+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav:

:iconsakimichan:  Ariel found Headphones by sakimichan

Mature Content

Contact 12/11/12 2335 (unconfirmed) by alberich
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Twenty-Five by alberich


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Keep at it, and we keep young. :)
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